The Skybird Report – The Beginning

By Ken Hyman

Authoring a blog has taken on a new meaning since starting The Skybird Report.  Frequently urged by my friends to write down and share my perspectives, the idea never resonated clearer to me than when I finally decided to give it a try. 

The Skybird Report is a platform with meaningful origins. Titled in memory of my brother who passed away a few years ago, The Skybird Report is a tribute to him.  My brother suffered from a rare liver disease and spent the majority of his life afflicted by the condition.  The disease, which mercilessly took control of my brother’s body had also put his life into a different perspective.  It would eventually cause him to look upon his life in retrospect and to focus on the things that were important to him. 

One of these things came from an early childhood memory we shared as siblings.  While growing up, almost every night before going to bed, we would choose a record album from our collection and listen to our favorite tunes as we fell asleep. One of our favorites was Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night. Subsequently, Neil Diamond continued to resonate with my brother and played a pivotal role in his final months as he looked for meaning in his reflections on life.  Specifically, it was the 1973 motion picture, Jonathon Livingston Seagull, with music by Neil Diamond. The movie, based upon the popular novel of the same name by Richard Bach, is about a seagull named Jonathon who wants nothing more than to soar high above the clouds.  Jonathon is constantly reminded by the other seagulls in the flock that he should forget about his lofty ideas of reaching new heights, and simply do what seagulls are supposed to do — hover over trash heaps and picnic tables, scavenging for food. The elder seagulls in the flock try to shame Jonathon for having a different viewpoint and for attempting to do what seagulls are incapable of doing.  But Jonathon does not care.  He becomes even more determined to challenge the confines of his physical body and decides that he is not going to listen to what everyone is telling him to do.  Instead, Jonathon follows his unwavering spirit and ultimately soars to the greatest of heights.  While my brother made it a point to tell everyone how great it was and share that his favorite song was “Be”, I gravitated towards Skybird as a more uplifting song.

The message in Skybird, and the one that resonated with me as he approached the end of his life and has since stayed with me, is that achieving new heights is within our control.  Likewise, reaching new heights allows one to see things differently and from another perspective.  A new vantage point brings with it a new look at things going on below.  Just as Jonathon’s journey led him to a higher awareness, the concept behind The Skybird Report is to offer just that – a perspective from my point of view that I hope will resonate with you.  Whether it be general industry commentary or an opinion gleaned from the happenings of our world, The Skybird Report will deliver concepts and insight that you may have never considered before.  It is my hope that upon reading what I have to say, you will gain your own insight, and perhaps even a different viewpoint than what everyone else is saying.  It is my hope that my voice will resonate with you. 

Ken Hyman, a father, husband, friend and partner is the founder and CEO of Partnervest Financial Group, an Independent Financial Services company headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. The commentary, analysis and opinions expressed are his own, are NOT a solicitation for the sale or an offer to buy any security, are subject to change at any time without notice, and should not be considered investment advice for any individual. Information provided in the article is obtained from sources which the author believes to be reliable; however, he does not independently verify or otherwise investigate all such information, nor does he guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information.