The Skybird Report – “Moral Sensibility”

I receive hundreds of emails daily, both solicited and unsolicited. Many of them I have chosen to subscribe to, but more often than not, they begin to look the same and ultimately clutter my inbox and go unread. There is one however that I do read on a daily basis. It is called the Daily Stoic. It is a daily email published by Now, by definition, I don’t know that I am a Stoic but I often find their emails contain something applicable to both my personal and business life that makes me stop and think about how to be a better person or deal with the many challenges we all so often face. What follows is one that I received recently and as it relates to Adam Smith, who laid the foundation of a free market society, I felt it was most appropriate to share with all who make their living based upon this foundation and live our lives with Freedom. I believe that following the tenets below can give all of us a guidepost for moral sensibility by doing what’s right.

Enjoy – The Daily Stoic


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