The AdvisorShares STAR Global Buy-Write ETF (NYSE Arca: VEGA) seeks consistent repeatable returns across all market cycles. VEGA is sub-advised by Partnervest Advisory Services, LLC (“Portfolio Manager”).

The Portfolio Manager seeks to achieve the investment objective by using a proprietary strategy known as Volatility Enhanced Global Appreciation (“VEGA”). VEGA is primarily a “fund of funds” and employs a “Buy-Write” or “Covered Call” overlay for its global allocation strategy using Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).

According to the internal benchmark policy, the Portfolio Manager will use both ETFs and individual equities to implement its tactical allocation strategy in which the volatility of each of the underlying positions determines the amount of option hedging. During periods of high volatility, the Portfolio Manager will write (or sell) a call option against some of its positions in order to hedge downside risk, while generating an income stream from the sale of options. At any given time, approximately 60% to 85% of VEGA’s positions will have covered options. Additionally when volatility is low, the portfolio manager buys protective put options to manage downside risk.

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