The website portal provides advisors access to client and account information at both a high level and individual account basis. All asset position and transaction information from custodians and brokerages is reconciled daily. Any account information that resides in the advisor’s office (such as address of record, fee schedule, Representative of record) is updated by the advisory firm and will be reflected on the website
in real time.

  • Multiple Custodial Reporting
  • Household Reporting
  • Mass Email Delivery
  • Custom Performance Report
  • Blended Benchmark Assignments
  • Secure Document Exchange
  • Cloud Based Platform

The Portfolio menu options provide a variety of reporting capabilities for specific households or on a per account basis. Reports can be run individually or in batch by creating a custom group of accounts ad hoc or to be saved and used for future batch report creation. Calculate performance for research purposes using the Calculate Performance View or create a Performance report to share with the client. Quickly view the client’s current allocations under the Portfolio Snapshot. A variety of position reports provide a review of current and historical allocations as well as a summary of account activity for the time period selected. Tax and transaction reports are available for research and review of taxable events, and the resulting gain or loss of the account.

Securely send emails and share documents with the website Portal Resources. The Report Inbox allows for the storage of reports created on the website. The Secure Exchange section of the portal provides a way to securely share documents and store information for future reference.


Client communication and reporting is done seamlessly through our software and technology to enhance the overall client experience.